The Art of Driving Webinar Registrations

The Art of Driving Webinar Registrations

A recent poll conducted by Hubspot found that 42.9% of respondents’ biggest trouble was getting people to register for their online events. Reason? Individuals today, particularly in the corporate world are extremely busy. Setting up and attending meetings, conferences, traveling for business prospects, paperwork etc. leaves little time for other activities.

Even though corporate professionals are often very active on emails (widely recognized as one of the most effective and best forms of communication in the business world), it is difficult to get their attention. The primary cause behind this is lack of time along with unimpressive content. In addition, irrelevant content and spamming can further reduce the number of applicants who may sign up for your webinar.


In order to truly pace up your webinar game, it is vital to understand when exactly your emails should be sent, who they need to be sent to and what needs to be mentioned in the email and how. With millions of emails being sent across by the minute and more than half of them directed with the purpose of marketing and sales’, targeting your audience is the most important part. The entire process, although no rocket science, needs a bit of strategy and knowing your clients’ mindset thoroughly.

Tips to get maximum webinar registrations:

  • Understand timelines: While this aspect completely depends on the type of industry, with careful attention, it is very much possible to send out webinar request emails at just the right time. Some of the best times to send them out according to Hubspot are mentioned below:

  • Be wary of spamming: Follow-ups are one thing, spamming is not. Webinar reminders should be subtle, contain a clear message and should be sent only once after the primary email. Bombarding your recipients may often get you out of their list or even worse, blocked. Ensure the reminders are sent at least a day prior to the webinar.
  • Work on the content: What the email comprises of makes a huge difference on how many people decide to register for it. Ensure the content is clear, serves a purpose, is useful to the receiver and is not pushy or promotional in any way. Great content is a sure shot technique to get your webinar invitations noticed.
  • Keep it simple: Stay away from content, design, and layouts that are complicated and look unofficial. Although keeping your email witty and creative will earn your brownie points, going too far in this regard screams attention and is often directed to the junk folder. If you opt for webinar registration services, the results are often too persuasive to the receivers.
  • Go with punchiness and a smashing title/introduction line: The title or the introduction line is the first thing that the recipient notices. Make sure you generate curiosity – give out enough information to strike an interest without giving away everything the email contains.

Lastly, take time, experiment with different techniques and understand your audience. Although with webinars, each time the response shall vary and no two times will possibly get you the same visitors; consistency and upping your game will help you go ahead.

Effective Ways to Boost Business Sales through Lead Generation Strategies

Effective Ways to Boost Business Sales through Lead Generation Strategies

Firms strive hard to extend out to their preferred audience circle. A good and sure shot way to reach your clients is to understand their mindset in a manner that makes you and your services stand out amongst the rest. With a diverse world and so many options to choose from, customers have a huge variety and are on the lookout for the best fit to match their business requirement, in terms of delivery, performance, pocket-friendly and premium services.

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Today, the numbers of companies that provide lead generation services are much higher than ever before. Although large in number, buyer companies often find most of them lacking in some of the most basic necessities and overlooking some major concerns when it comes to providing b2b lead generation services. The below lead generation strategies help you boost your business sales in the most efficient ways. Take a look –

  1. Focus on your website: Believe it or not, but most of your clients already know a lot about you even before you have had your first interaction with them. How? Through your website. Everything on your site – the graphics, content, ideas, ease of usage and data as seen by a newbie goes a long way when it comes to the client taking a call.
  1. Links work like a miracle: “If you can host a webinar and link to it directly in your content, your leads will take you more seriously, because you’ve provided value before asking them to register,” says Neil Patel, author, entrepreneur, marketer and blogger. Other than increasing your website ranking (it merges with your social media platforms and allows users to view them), links are a great way to boost sales in the long run. This lead generation tactic is simple and easy too.
  1. Create separate teams for sales and lead generation: While most companies feel that their employees are strong enough to pull this off, it is a wise decision to segregate both aspects for best results. While your sales team can entirely focus on generating great sales, the lead generation one can focus on leads, thus getting you the best of both on a single platform with individually focused efforts.
  1. Use strong content: Apart from design, content is the only thing that will help you be noticed. So make sure you pick your words well and give your audience what they are looking for. Focus primarily on catchy titles and headlines, since it is the first thing people read and also something that users use to judge whether they would like to continue reading or not.
  1. Free stuff: Be it white papers, case studies, reports or a webinar, users love free stuff! Keep them short, informative and helpful for the receiver. “Your company’s lead magnet could be a free e-book, template or webinar,” says Jeanine Blackwell, CEO of 4MAT 4Business, a performance improvement, and instructional design company.

Apart from all these ideas and strategies, do not forget to experiment and try out new aspects. Since every company, its clientele and their expectation differ, what might work for some may not get the same results for others. Another important thing to remember is to always be consistent in your methods to learn if they work for you or not.

Best Email List Building Strategies to Increase the Subscriber

Best Email List Building Strategies to Increase the Subscriber

Email List building is the procedure of adding a new subscriber to your mailing list. In this article, we will discuss email list building strategies in depth. The subscriber gives you their information like an email address in exchange for certain information, a special offers or gifts. The marketer can do this online or offline. Online via the website or offline using manual or automated data collection strategies

There are a million things why list building is essential for online businesses. So why would you need to construct your mailing list? Simple, as there are a number of people you have on your list and you have access to them. You can email these people once these are on your mailing list. Either you can message them adverts and keep them updated with what’s happening with your product or services and keep maintaining or building the relationships with your customers to form a prospect list.

Most marketers and organizations have additional ideas than costs, so we explored seven tactics to build a great prospect list with the varied approaches: four approaches cover time, and remaining three approaches covers money. In this post, we’ll cover the first four strategies that require time.

While using list building services all list-building strategies need the same introductory elements:

  1. A clear understanding of your customer’s buyer personas
  2. Comprehensive review of the brand’s content strategy and approaches
  3. Any possible information confined in the business’s existing contact data
  4. Your peculiar mastery of the basic principles of digital marketing
  • Collect email to build prospect list

 People protect their email addresses as it can be absurdly misused. If you are spending much time online especially reading blogs or article, you’re probably to be bombarded with requests for your email. Here, you can obtain a massive list of emails. To do so you need to implement author Kevin Lee’s email list development formula:

Amazing blog content + crystal clear calls-to-action = substantial email list

To become a successful blogger, every blogger recommended using popups, menus, popovers, sliders to increase the chances of blog subscription. The top recommended area to capture emails on the website:

  1. Website header
  2. Blog acknowledgments
  3. Sidebars
  4. Blog content
  5. Footer of the content
  6. Popup/popover
  7. Blog author’s bio
  •  Rise Social Media Engagement

Search engines are frequently looking at social signals for engagement and integrity which can grow the trust and help the search results to land on the top, drive more traffic to your website. Social media engagement is the key factor to grow your email list and social channels are the basic platform to approach the customer service and support to turn your followers into subscribers who’ll become long-term customers.

In order to build social engagement you need to follow 6:3:1 social rule for every 10 social posts: Six posts should be informative or entertaining which adding values about your market but not written by you. Three posts should be informative or entertaining and written by you. One post can be promotional of some sort. Another important rule is – socially, you must realistic to your brand values but playing safe drives engagement.

And importantly, be responsive. Being responsive can also grow your email list. Build more engagement with a number of conversations.  Start conversations with those who interact with your content and try to reply those conversations you get.  While conversing, drop in an offer to sign up for your email list, referring a direct link to get them started.

 An influencer is someone who marks or changes the way people behave. He inspires other to follow them and move the followers to action. Influencers can be powerful cohorts to brands, campaigns, and social grounds because others listen when they talk. If you can build relations with the influencers, you automatically improve influence in your market. Another reason influencer works are that it conveys belief. Influencers become influencers because of people believe on them.

But finding a true influencer in your space is more challenging because finding actual influencer market take very different approaches and rational strategist to review results and recommend highly targeted influencers.

  • Enhance In-Store Engagements

 Most of the purchase research starts online, and gradually ends into an in-store purchase for things like sports equipment, jewelry, furniture, and appliances etc. Before making any purchase decision mostly 60% of shoppers surveyed check social media and remaining 40% check online review. Research had proved that most of the purchase decision is influenced in an in-store journey in spite of both types of research online & in-store.

There should always be a habit of offering the visitors for digital offers through signing up In order to build up a list and a relation with the visitors. In addition to this, the visitors should also be asked whether would like to receive information about product & services electronically.

Most importantly, all the store associates should be well trained and should have the entire knowledge of the product and services along with the offers.