How to Make B2B Outsourcing B2B Appointment Setting YOUR GAME!

How to Make B2B Outsourcing B2B Appointment Setting YOUR GAME!

The B2B industry is extremely competitive now. With every company struggling to get ahead of its worthy competitors, it becomes important to pay attention to every aspect you focus on to get ahead in the B2B game. In short, all the related contents of B2B like content marketing, digital marketing, appointment setting, lead & demand generation etc. demand undue attention from the company to truly make it a success.

Many companies come up with the decision to outsource their B2B appointment setting to ensure better attention towards it and focus on consistent results. Another important reason why it is outsourced is to allow employees to focus better on sales and other objectives of the company. While B2B appointment setting can be an excellent option and something that most businesses support, these simple tips will definitely help you be prepared and take up appointment setting with more confidence.

  • Always, always be prepared: This goes without a say – do your homework. Be it a big company or small, a new client or old, or any other reason, the worst thing you can do is trying to set up an appointment without knowing about the other person or their company. Make notes, Google it/them, talk to your team (if anybody has dealt with them before) and then make the call. It will also make you feel more confident and boost your spirit positively.
  • Check for a suitable time: Once there is a response, confirm whether it is a good time to speak before you begin. A corporate individual may be in meetings, seminars or other important activities, and having a caller, in the midst of it is not always possible. Having a considerate caller however, moves the ball in your court when you call back.
  • Be patient: Honestly, not every caller will turn into an appointment and the sooner you realize this, the better you will get at setting appointments. Work up your list slowly and patiently and strive to make your skills better. With perseverance, it will become easy to set more appointments as you go ahead.
  • You are representing your firm: Your voice is the voice of the company when you speak, keeping this in mind, it is ideal to put forth your best with every call. The reason being the caller may not know you as an individual but the company on whose behalf you’re calling. One wrong or negative aspect of your call can portray a bad reputation for the company in the long run.
  • Tone your script: It is difficult to reach out to the person on the other end if you speak in a monotonous manner. Over time, although your way of introducing yourself, the company and what you wish to discuss maybe same, work on talking about different levels and toning your speech to keep the conversation upbeat. Interesting callers have a better chance of cracking a deal.
  • Assertive, not aggressive: Make sure your conversation remains positive. After a couple of calls, it is easy to get disappointed and frustration can often vent out on your calls. A good tip here is to take a small break between calls, compose yourself and then move forward. Make sure your calls reflect an assertive and relaxed individual.
  • Suggest options and be helpful: At times, during the conversation, you may often realize that the product/service you are suggesting is different than their requirement. In such cases, go forth and suggest what would best suit them. The caller will not only be pleased with your assistance but you will also see you as ‘not just another caller.’
  • Referrals are gold: People get influenced by a recommendation more than anything else. For a good hold in appointment setting, reach out to someone from the target firm who had connected with you or anybody else in your company and make a connection.
  • Make sure you confirm and then end: Once you’re done, reconfirm if there was a ‘yes’ before closing the call. If there was no affirmative response, be kind and gently let away the caller. Phrases like ‘it was a pleasure talking to you’ and ‘thank you for your valuable time’ goes a long way, especially when you want to keep them on your list for future appointments.
Marketing Automation: A Good or a Bad Idea?

Marketing Automation: A Good or a Bad Idea?

Gone are the days when marketing was an easy task – checking urgent emails, running through meetings and appointments and updating a blog post. In today’s world of Marketing Automation you need to try new things whether it is good or bad is next question.
. Marketers have to catch up with changing technologies and exponentially flourishing competition. In such situations, sitting and relaxing is not an option, even if they are on the top. Because the next bests are already working on their marketing.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was an option to sit and relax and have your marketing still stored out with some kind of Business Intelligence? Fortunately, there is something that can handle marketing for you – to some extent – which is automation.It is a buzzword that you might have heard about and plenty of marketers are already infatuated with.

What is Marketing Automation? To put it simply – Marketing Automation is automating the actions of marketing through a software. Marketers can automate repetitive tasks like email marketing, social media marketing or other related website actions. Marketing automation seamlessly handles the marketing tasks for you. It can be an add-on for your existing CRM services.

Is Marketing Automation the right solution for you?

Marketing Automation is a powerful tool and a personalized tool. Though automation isn’t a quick fix, but when used correctly, it can do wonders for your business. Not only does it contribute to a successful lead generation but also saves a huge amount of time. However, many businesses don’t know how to implement it correctly. In some cases, it can do more damage than good for your business.

Much has been discussed on the concept of Marketing Automation with conflicting conclusions. In the best scenario, automation equips marketers with highly personalized tools and tactics. Thereby, significantly amplify revenue generation and an outstanding return on investment.

Why is Marketing Automation good for you?

Marketing Automation works parallelly with the principles of inbound marketing approach. The major focus here is – a prospect as a whole. Automation takes in the data not only from emails but also from multiple channels. Emails, social media, pricing guides, catalogs and almost everything is consumed to gather as much prospects’ information as possible to build a CRM.

Marketers use the collected data to study the behaviors and patterns of the potential and existing customers which in turn allows them to understand challenges and interest and also lead and nurture prospects down the sales funnel. Marketing automation uses all kinds of channels and disperses it to get the relevant information of the right people at the right time. Overall, this help is creating a better user experience.

Another benefit of using Marketing Automation is – Saving Time. Automation can prove to be an aid in auto-scheduling social media posts or re-publishing content, thereby, allowing marketing teams to focus on more pressing tasks. It also assures that the company has a consistent online presence. Social media can be automated to update periodically using appropriate tools and a cautious approach. Also, events can be promoted by using suitable event promotion services.

Points to adhere to while choosing Marketing Automation

  • It works the way it should when updated and new methodologies are incorporated into it. Reckoning on old and traditional methods does not guarantee the efficiency as expected from automation. Traditional automation results in low click rates, less email open rates, and delays.
  • Using limited channels for automation generates irrelevant data. When multiple channels’ data are put together, it results in comprehensive pattern data that helps in lead generation and also lead nurturing.
  • If marketer limits the amount of data in automation, it will fail to give enough information about the prospects – like where they fit and what their interests are. The output would be unenjoyable and will result in relatively poor customer experience.
  • Sometimes, social media automation might result in inappropriate behaviors. Social media is more of a human experience. Not everything that can be automated should be automated.

The right time to invest in Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation works the best when you have strong inbound marketing strategy generating tons of new and organic leads that have to be fed down the sales pipeline. Automation apparently relies on a good number of leads’ data. Automaton will take the weight off your shoulder generating pure quality leads.

The right time to invest in Automation is when your content strategy is well thought out and mapped according to the customer’s’ journey, plus you have a multi-channel presence and marketing strategy running smoothing. Apart from these, good lead nurturing strategy is also essential. If you haven’t worked on it yet, it’s time to get it sorted first. It wouldn’t be worth the hassle if you don’t have a stable marketing strategy at its base.

Marketing Automation isn’t a shortcut, but it surely acts as a catalyst to enhance your business and save a lot of time and energy. With Marketing Automation, leads turn into customers and customers into delighted customers. It is a finest and fantastic tool for smooth transitions of leads. You can try and test with new techniques to automation process to keep showing positive results.

The Ultimate Guide to Account Based Marketing-(ABM)

The Ultimate Guide to Account Based Marketing-(ABM)

Account Based Marketing(ABM) is the hottest and newest, up and coming marketing schemes. More and more businesses are planning and implementing it in their organizations. ABM is gaining traction for a good reason. It gives you the way to close potentially bigger deals at a much faster rate.

ABM is on fire. ABM lets you drive strong business results without taking your budget through the roof or burning the midnight oil. It also allows you to connect marketing programs from awareness all the way through the pipeline and closed/won business.

Account Based Marketing(ABM) Stats:

You definitely will want to incorporate ABM into your business after seeing these stats:

❖ According to Demand Metric Report, 96% of B2B companies say that ABM has an enormous impact on marketing success.

❖ ITSMA states that 84% of marketers believe that ABM delivers higher ROI than any other marketing approach.

❖ A report from Sirius Decision says that 60% of the businesses plan to invest in ABM methodology in the next few years.

What is ABM?

In its simplest form, Account Based Marketing(ABM) is a marketing which based on account, existing or prospective. It is commonly done by enterprise-level sales organizations.

ABM is inherently a form of tactical business marketing. An organization takes an individual prospect or customer account. These are companies and not individuals that is treated separately as a market of its own. ABM is particularly helpful for business with multiple stakeholders or buyers.

Types of ABM:

1. Email list-based Account-based Marketing(ABM):

In this approach, you can either use target accounts from your CRM data or in-house marketing automation and serve ads to the users of these accounts. Alternatively, you can rent or buy 3rd party lists from a contact data provider. This is a targeted approach for potential buyers and influencers at larger companies.

2. IP-based Account-based Marketing(ABM):

In this technique, IP address blocks are used to target the right audience. Your company chooses the list of target accounts which is then matched by data partner and users at these IP address blocks are targeted. This method is useful for midsize and small companies.

3. Predictive Account-based Marketing(ABM):

Predictive ABM goes beyond the existing contacts. Instead, it involves identifying new contacts and accounts from the past conversion data. The major focus here is to find those accounts which “look like” accounts which have made past conversions and are targeted. However, this tactic requires a deeper evaluation to generate best results. This scheme is most suitable for large companies with more data as more data accounts to better analysis and prediction.

You can combine these 3 tactics with personalization by target accounts to get the highest engagements and conversions.

Getting started with ABM:
Now that you know the basics of Account Based Marketing, it’s time to dive in!

1. Gather your ABM team

The first step for successful ABM is to gather your ABM team. It is requisite that both your sales and marketing team define the expectations, goals and KPIs. Before planning your first campaign, you will need to gather your core team. Remember that ABM is a joint effort between your marketing and sales team.

2. Define your ABM goals and strategies

Now that you have gathered your core team, the next step is to carefully define your goals and strategies. If you are just starting your ABM campaign, it is advisable that you focus on one single goal. Your goal can be successfully launching a product, building market share or even getting more value from customers.

3. Identify and prioritize your target

Identifying the target audience is a fundamental of successful marketing. Firstly, define your buyers’ personas and list the accounts. Use market research to determine the list. You can use predictive ABM technologies to pinpoint companies that fit your ICP.

4. Craft your content

The next step is to craft new content that resonates with the targeted accounts. The content should speak the pain points of the individuals as well as organizations. You may choose to create diverse assets for different buyers persona and even use 1-1 messaging for each of the accounts.

5. Choose your channels

ABM would not be as effective as expected if you don’t use the right channel to promote it. Compelling content and right channel go hand-in-hand in order to reach the potential targets. Research how the channel is being consumed by the users and prioritize them accordingly.

6. Run your campaign

At this point, you have identified your targets, defined your goals, created great content and selected the channel that you will use to promote it. It’s finally the time to get your content onboard. Use your sparkling new ABM campaign to show up and deploy ads across the web to engage your target accounts.

7. Analyze your results

Your job as a marketer isn’t over yet. You will need to accurately analyze the campaigns, keep a check on what’s working and what’s not and optimize your campaigns accordingly. You can use tools to help you evaluate your marketing ROI. Make sure you refresh your creative periodically.


Account-based marketing is not so overwhelming as it might appear, especially when broken down into steps. It is not so different from inbound marketing yet is so much more impactful. Once you start executing ABM in a scalable way, you will achieve unparalleled business results. Having ABM in your bucket will make you look like a marketing genius. Not only will you grow sales and revenue but also you will be recognized as a true marketing hero, with the smart use of Account-based marketing tactics!

So, are you ready to get account-based marketing?

Quora Marketing: generate leads using quora

Quora Marketing: generate leads using quora

Generating leads for your business is a tedious task. Quora Marketing can help you generate leads in hundreds. Marketers utilize numerous amount of social media platforms to gain their business momentum. But often they fail to harness the power of Quora. Quora, which has the power to generate thousands of leads and build a huge online community within a few months.

What If we tell you that you can use Quora for Lead Generation.

If you don’t know what Quora is, Quora is a popular question and answer platform. A site for elites to voice their opinions. It is indeed a curated platform, unlike Yahoo Answers and where almost anyone can ask and respond to any question about basically anything in the world.

Quora is kind of a social media platform, but it is far different from most. Quora is similar to Twitter in that you can follow other people. But it isn’t nearly as free-flowing. It is similar to Facebook because you can interact with other people, but not through direct messaging. Quora’s individuality is what makes it so effective for lead generation.
Using Quora, you can either ask a question which you want an expert to answer or you can answer questions that other people have posted. As a marketer, you will be answering questions rather than asking.

Why it’s great for generating leads

As of 2016, Quora has reached about 100 millions unique monthly visitors. It is indexed by Google which gives an edge and additional value. Type a question related to your industry on Google, and the chances are, the first few results would be Quora Answers. And therefore, searchers are more likely to stumble upon your writings. Quora can prove to be an effective platform to drive traffic and leads to your website.

Additionally, Quora is a great medium to communicate directly with your customers that no other social media platform provides. A platform where the prospects and customers are asking questions and marketers can interact with them directly. This ability of Quora is what makes it stand apart from other mediums. Thus, you should utilize Quora to your advantage.

If you join the platform and play the part of the expert, you will quickly enhance your brand’s image in the eyes of your target audience, drive leads to your website, establish thought leadership, generate organic views, build a massive following and grow your online community.

Here’s what biggies have to say about Quora:

“Being the epicenter of curiosity, Quora offers businesses potential opportunities to create a niche for their brand and leverage it to spread awareness about their products and services.” — Top League Technologies

According to Tyler James, co-Founder, Conversated Media, “Quora is neither a business development place nor a place for cold calling. Rather it is a place where you can genuinely and authentically interact with users with an intention to help them. Quora does open the lines of communication between you and your audience. Therefore, business should invest in building their authority on Quora paving a way for lead generation.”

The Powerful Ingredients to make the most of Quora

Now that you know, Quora can do wonders for your business, you might wonder how exactly to do that? Here are the few ingredients to make the most out of Quora:

  1. Create a captivating profile
  2. You can answer hundreds of questions on Quora, but your hard work becomes pointless if it’s not generating any lead. Quora profile is the first thing that a user sees and if it is unoptimized, the user would not trust you. So the first and foremost thing you need to do is to create a compelling bio. Here are four things which you need to incorporate into your profile:

    • Make your profile picture professional and approachable
    • Include a noteworthy accomplishment
    • Social recognition or validation
    • Include your location
    • Link to other content

  3. Follow relevant topics
  4. Once your Quora profile is set up, the next thing you need to do is to follow relevant topics. Identify the topics that directly apply to your target industry and follow them. This will keep you in a loop with relevant questions that users are asking. It makes the task easier as you will no longer need to search for them. You can directly see the updates on your dashboard.

    Remember, the more you follow, the more scope you will get to interact with your prospects and customers and drive leads for your website.

  5. Show your proficiency
  6. Whenever you are answering on Quora, you need to make sure that you make people trust you. You will need to establish yourself as an expert.

    Here are some pointers that you need to keep in mind:

    • Make sure you have professional looking profile picture
    • Be bold in what you are writing
    • Start off with a brief explanation why you are an expert

  7. Add value and be genuinely helpful
  8. Quora is a community-driven where people are looking for answers and not to be marketed to. So before you get carried away with your business promotion, make sure that your answers are genuinely helpful.

    It is important to avoid shameless promotion and be legitimately involved. Answer questions that will genuinely help people on the other side. If you appropriate and helpful, it will help you gain trust with your prospects, build brand awareness and even drive traffic to your website.

  9. Contact your followers
  10. You can use Quora to connect with your followers via direct messaging. Though, you can send messages only to those whose privacy setting allow doing so. This will limit the number of people you can get in touch with. If you would like to connect with more prospects, make sure you choose to receive messages from anyone in your privacy settings on Quora.

    Here are 3 ways to contact your followers:

    • Send a thank you note.
    • Send a direct follow-up with targeted offers and link to your landing page.
    • Connect with them on LinkedIn with a Quora reference.

  11. Track your analytics
  12. Unlike most social media platforms, Quora has its own analytics dashboard. This dashboard gives a track of the number of views, upvotes and shares all in one place.

    As a marketer, you will need to track your progress at least once in a week. Identify what is working in your favor and what is not. Learn, adapt and reiterate this process to strengthen your Quora strategy.


Lead Generation is comparatively easier on Quora as compared to other social platforms. With less competition, growth opportunities and direct engagement with prospects, Quora offers a one hack way to drive leads and traffic to your website.

Leverage the potential of Quora to make your business survive and thrive. Create your profile, share your knowledge and let the leads pour in!

Best B2B Lead Generation Services in USA

Best B2B Lead Generation Services in USA

The whole idea of generating sales is tough, especially when companies rely on traditional methods. Many businesses tussle with creating more leads. A common technique that most of them follow is to call as many people or businesses until they become a lead. The misconception about lead generation is what makes the businesses go dicey.

What exactly is Lead Generation?

“Quality over Quantity” is where lead generation is centered around.

Lead generation is not flooding someone with loads of emails. Neither it is mass advertising. Instead, it focuses on being found and building continuous relationships with customers.

Lead Generation is an art of making the people say the first big ‘Yes’. Making people trust you and your brand enough, that they share their personal contact info in exchange for your valuable offer. Building trust and confidence with every single, anonymous person that visits your website and turn them into an identified captured lead, is the key to lead generation. When lead generation services are executed properly, they can maximize your b2b sales outcomes.

How can lead generation benefit your business?

Lead generation can work for any business be it small or large or business, agency or institute. It can be fruitful for both buyers and sellers where sellers can pitch their product or services to those buyers who have given them permission to do so. At the same time, buyers can get the quotes of the products they are interested in. So, it’s a win-win situation for both.

Apart from this, there are many benefits of lead generation:

  • Higher conversion rate.
  • Choice of products/services you wish to receive prospects on.
  • Pay only for the leads that are received.
  • Selection according to the demographics.
  • Controlled budgeting.

Taking the Next Step:

Once you have figured out your business plan, the next step is to take up a lead marketing company that specializes in providing qualified leads. These companies offer diverse b2b lead generation services tailor-made just for you. Valasys is one of the best lead generation companies in the USA that provides business lead generation services.

How can Valasys help you with different Lead Generation Services:

Valasys understands where your products or services fit in the industry and discover how you win the business and classify your forte and your best target markets. A targeted lead generation campaign is set up. There is nothing “cookie-cutter” about how Valasys choose to operate and provide growth.

Here are some services offered by Valasys and other b2b lead generation companies in the USA:

  1. Content Syndication:

  2. Content Syndication is publishing your own content in the form of blogs, articles, snippets or thumbnails on third-party networks and sites. It is one the ultimate ways to reach out to the prospective clients by wiring your content to related digital contexts. It creates brand awareness and helps to gain more visibility. You need to determine the most effective platforms to get the most views of your products/services.Content syndication Services can go a long way if executed meticulously.

  3. Appointment Setting:

  4. With so many demands and offerings, it becomes crucial to have an appointment setting as a sales lead generation strategy. The major goal of appointment setting is to turn prospects into interested buyers. It requires coherent communication, tactic and transparency to ensure that the client gets the right product that he is looking for. You need to take care of your appointment setting from start to end. This process is effective in the long run and maximizes revenue generation.

  5. Event Promotion:
  6. It is vital to take care that your business stands out right from the initial steps. If you are organizing an event, an online innovative method is the best way to generate interest and maximize bookings. Through strategizing, you can leverage the power of event promotion service. By taking good care of your pre-sales and marketing entities for your events, you can change “on-sale” board to “sold-out”. You can also use event promotion as a base to create brand loyalty.

  7. Business Intelligence:
  8. Business Intelligence eliminates the need to scan a large pool of data and gives you quick and accurate results. Good contact discovery and account profiling can be added advantage for b2b marketing. Through business intelligence, you can make connections with your customers with ease. Precise, accurate and re-checked data if rendered, makes it even more dependable. Using BI, you can reach out new clients as well as strengthen your bond with the existing ones.


Lead generation is a substantial way to boost up your business. Make sure that you pick the right lead marketing company. Do not fall into the trap of false agencies that may lead to “junk leads”. Using a reputable b2b lead generation companies in the USA, you can grow your business, especially in the starting phase. Using the right agency and right business lead generation services can give your business a generous lift without much hassle. Experiment with different services and track what works best for you.