5 Simple Steps To Kick-start Your Content Marketing

5 Simple Steps To Kick-start Your Content Marketing

Content marketing has risen to a position of prominence in the marketing industry. It is one of the prime movers of any service or product, gaining consumer engagement and attracting the right audience. The trust and relationship that content marketing establishes between a consumer and marketer, cannot be ignored.

If you’re planning to dive into content marketing, but don’t know where and how to start, these strategies can help you kick-start and go a long way. Taking the first step is not easy. It takes a lot of efforts and dedication, loads of ideas to begin with.

As content marketing has become essential, it has reached a new level of professionalization. As a marketer, you need to create powerful content that is not only attractive but also useful. Once you start creating content the right way, filling all the voids, you can generate more leads and rocket your business.

Here are the five tips to get started with Content Marketing:

    Plan and research your topic

  • Use Keyword Planner
  • You can use Keyword Planner tool to find the list of keywords that people are searching for. Use these keywords in your blog post to maximize the chances of hits.

  • Search trending topics on Twitter
  • You can get insights from what’s trending on Twitter around your chosen keyword. Use the topic that’s getting most retweets and favorites in your post.

  • Create a list of major points you want in your post
  • You can list down the major points around your topic and structure your blog post according to it. Later you can cross off the points that you find are not relevant.