Best LinkedIn B2B Tips You Will Read This Year

Best LinkedIn B2B Tips You Will Read This Year

When it comes to lead generation, networking, and business development in B2B marketing, LinkedIn is the gold standard for social media communications. LinkedIn shines in the B2B sector as it has made reaching influential decision makers of your specific industry audience, sharing company insights, products and services, and connecting with potential customers 10 times easier. Here are some to help you get the most from your LinkedIn company profile.

Lead generating profile

Header Image

The first step in lead generating; attracting prospects, is accomplished by the header image. The image needs to be of an attention grabbing nature which forces the person to respond by reading further or clicking onto your profile.

Company Description

Giving a dry explanation of your company history, mission and vision won’t serve the purpose of lead generation. Speak directly to your target audience, inviting them to convert. Focus on the first 2 lines of your description because after that, the rest of the content gets hidden behind the words ‘See More’. Your focus should be on grabbing the attention of your user with those 2 sentences which should include:

  • Target audience
  • Value proposition
  • Service provided

Recent Updates

To have an active and engaging feed, update your posts regularly, so that those prospects who didn’t click through to your website after reading your description will be enticed to know more after reading through your recent updates. You can post blog updates, infographic links and share other information relevant enough to get more click throughs.

SEO practices

Provide all the details on your company profile, without leaving anything unfilled, to help elevate it in search results. Keep the details descriptive, engaging and with carefully chosen keywords, the same way you use certain keywords on your website but do not overdo the keywords.


A URL with just a vague reference to your company name will not help you get found. Take a second to work on customizing your URL so that includes your full name.


Constantly monitor and analyze the data received from your metrics to make sure you are reaching your goals of lead generation. Doing this will help you become flexible and evolve according to the changes needed to get the best possible outcome.

Enticing Content

Employee Representative

People trust the information disseminated by employees of a company than by the brand or even the CEO as they find them more relatable.


Your content should categorize you as an expert in certain topics and themes which will establish you as a thought leader. For this, make sure you and your content are always available to people and visible at all times.

Driving Traffic

You need to get people to your website and the best way to do this is by not thinking linear. You need to create creative posts that work as teasers, generating enough interest in people so that they wait for your PDF or whitepaper to come out and then rush to your website to take the needed actions.

Full Articles

LinkedIn launched a powerful content publishing platform called Pulse which allows you to post full articles on LinkedIn. This gives you the opportunity to engage with people by sharing your value-rich content. Plus the content you publish here gets delivered directly into the email inboxes of those who follow you on LinkedIn.


Showcase Pages

LinkedIn created another platform, called Showcase Pages, that lets you showcase each of your products and services separately so that your customers can subscribe to the specific product or service they want to receive updates from.

Advanced Search

Give your company a chance to communicate directly with your target audience by taking advantage of LinkedIn’s feature of performing advance searches. The advanced search feature helps you identify the exact type of people you are targeting without cluttering anybody else’s newsfeed.

Saved Searches

While pursuing leads, it is important to maintain consistency. This can be achieved by using the searches you have created via the advance search feature and then saving them for all your further communications. You can even set up alerts for these searches.

Relevant Groups

LinkedIn has millions of groups for every kind of niche industry, product or service. Make use of this by joining groups that are highly relevant, active and medium sized and by maintaining a certain level of activity while in it. In these groups, you can nurture leads that have a higher conversion rate as they are already interested in what you have to offer. But do not send promotional messages as groups have very low tolerance for this.

Own Group

Creating your own group gives you authority, helps you gain leadership and recognition in your industry and establishes you as a thought leader. This will help you generate relevant and viable leads much faster as only those who are interested will join your group.

Add Connections

Every time you meet someone new or you interact with a person on one of the LinkedIn groups you are part of; add those connections to your LinkedIn network. The more connections you have, the further your content will reach and the more leads you will be able to generate and nurture.

Sales Navigator

LinkedIn has another useful platform called Sales Navigator, which targets good decision makers from the companies and markets you prefer. It also understands what the buyer is looking for and then contacts the buyers with personalized messages.
LinkedIn is the ideal B2B marketing resource that offers a ton of opportunities. But it needs to be used effectively with the right knowledge or it will become just another time-sucking social networking site.

5 Amazing Facebook Newsfeed Policy Hacks

5 Amazing Facebook Newsfeed Policy Hacks

“Social media is not about amassing the greatest number of likes and followers; it is about reaching brand influencers and key opinion leaders who will promote your product and lead others to buy it” says Rajesh Chandy in his publication ‘Making your social media strategy work’. Rajesh Chandy is the Professor of Marketing at The London Business School and is a Tony and Maureen Wheeler Chair holder in Entrepreneurship.

Social networking, especially Facebook, has become one of the most powerful and cost-effective internet marketing techniques but it is volatile in nature.

Recently, Facebook changed their newsfeed policy. According to their new policy, the Facebook news feed will show fewer news articles, and lesser marketing content and ads. Instead, it will prioritize pictures and videos that have been shared by friends and family. It will also prioritize content that has a lot of engagement already on it.

This is a major change as Facebook had become known as one of the biggest distributors of news and online ads.

But what does this change mean for B2B marketers? Customer engagement through your business posts should already be a priority so this update only bids you to maintain that focus. What you need to do is reorganize your social media strategy so that it can align with Facebook’s goals. This way you can still maintain the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Here are 5 hacks for your B2B marketing strategy to stay effective on Facebook:

Hack 1# Using Facebook Groups

The posts you share on your business page will show up on the newsfeed of those prospects who have liked your page. The more they engage with your content; in the form of likes, comments, and shares, the more visible you become to others in their network but to reach the newsfeed of just your targeted audience there are 2 main ways; by creating your own group or by joining another.

  • Creating your own group
  • If you are setting up your own event in the form of trade shows, seminars or conventions then create a Facebook group prior to the event that is linked to your company’s page. Send out invites to users who have listed themselves as attending. Have discussions on topics pertaining to the event to help get a conversation started. After the event is done, you can continue communication with those same warm leads which will get your posts directly to their newsfeed.

  • Becoming a part of existing groups
  • Join previously existing Facebook groups that discuss topics related to your industry. In such groups, self-promotion is not tolerated. Instead, you can contribute your knowledge, be helpful and be available to interact with the group members.
    So to expand the reach of your message, to connect with your customers and to drive home brand interest and loyalty, it is vital to create or even participate in Facebook groups.

Hack 2# Harnessing Content Syndication

Content is king, as you are well aware but have you looked towards Facebook to harness the power of content syndication? Once you share your post on Facebook, your prospect wants to get to your blog faster, especially as they would be using their mobile to open it.

In February 2016, Facebook announced their very own content publishing app called Instant Articles. This is a forum that can be well utilized for the purpose of content syndication. The benefit of using Instant Articles is the increased speed of access to content. As social media is majorly used on a mobile, such a mobile-only feature for content syndication is perfect. It allows people to access your content faster and even spend time going through it. The publisher can even add widgets like email newsletter signup forms.

Hack 3# Creating email lists

It is best to try and find access to get your content directly to your target customers without any wastage. By putting a signup form link or download PDF link, you will be able to start creating an email marketing list. Using that list you can give much more relevant content directly to the interested lead.

Hack 4# Driving traffic to your website

Posting engaging content on your Facebook page becomes futile if your customer interaction ends there. It is important to get those prospects to visit your website and make a purchase. There are 3 main ways you can link back to your website:

  • Engaging Status Updates
  • Eye-Catching Images
  • 3rd party link shares – Use Sharebar to add a floating share button that adds your logo, like button, follow button and your call to action text above any webpage you share.

You can drive traffic to your website through the use of blog posts, infographics, ebooks, tutorials, promotional videos and through a variety of other ways.

Hack 5# Using Hashtags

Facebook handles billions of searches per day and adding a hashtag puts a nice touch to your content from a search perspective. It allows you to get your brand’s post seen. Marketers tack on to their posts both branded hashtags (#Valasys) and popular social community tags (#MondayMotivation).

When creating a Facebook marketing strategy; the B2B Company needs to be where the customers are, ensure that the brand is remembered, create and maintain a human connection with their customers, shorten the buying cycle and maximize the potential for lead conversion.

As Professor Rajesh Chandy says, “Building a social bond and engaging with customers is a 24/7, around the clock, commitment.”

Why The Future Of B2B Marketing Depends On Machine Learning

Why The Future Of B2B Marketing Depends On Machine Learning

B2B Marketing depends on Machine Learning to help close sales as the buying cycle of a B2B company is usually long and complex and using machines to get to know customers is faster and helps in responding quickly to decision makers.

In the past 60 years, Machine Learning has been driving the development of Artificial Intelligence forward, at a remarkable pace and it is a result of 2 important breakthroughs.

  • The prospect of teaching computers to teach themselves about the World
  • The need to analyze the huge increase in the amount of digital information generated and stored on the internet

An application that can collate hard to get and detailed information from across the internet while also performing detailed tasks of their own accord is a boon to the B2B Industry. Communication between sales and marketing teams is of a very critical nature and through the use of Machine Learning; B2B marketers are able to tackle a lot of their functions which help in easing their workload and helping them keep away from getting exhausted.

For the past decade or so, Machine Learning – a branch of artificial intelligence – has been experiencing a progressive boom. Apart from enriching personalization and relevance for their customers, marketers now have the access to a lot of benefits when using Machine Learning while planning marketing strategies.

  • Very High Level of Responsiveness
  • Without a break, tons of real-time data can be analyzed and deep insights into the customer’s buying habits can be gotten. After which, the appropriate response can be made in a very prompt manner in the form of emails, targeted advertising, social media posts, etc.

  • Highly Targeted Marketing
  • Through the enormous amount of data provided by the Machine Learning application, an incredibly precise marketing strategy can be created that targets only those customers who are most interested and likely to make the purchase, thus increasing conversion of prospects to customers.

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Data science is the compilation of various disciplines like data analytics, predictive analytics, machine learning and more. The retrieval, collecting, ingesting and transforming of all the data is called Big Data and Data Science is responsible for bringing structure to it. Data analytics and Machine learning are the 2 tools that data science uses. This gives an unparalleled insight to a marketer into customer demands which helps them in giving customers what they want before they want it.

  • Targeted Marketing Content
  • Data collected and analyzed by Machine Learning applications help in providing a sentiment analysis that is nearly impossible for a sales/marketing person to acquire. Through this analysis, it is easy to find out what to say to the customers and how the audience will react to the message.

  • Cost Reduction
  • As a lot of marketing processes get automated, there is a need for lesser manpower which results in a considerable reduction in expenses while increasing work efficiency. Business communication costs diminish due to this unique approach which sends auto-responses and suggestions on latest discounts and offers via online ads, emails, social media posts or even push messages.

    Machine Learning is still relatively new and needs to be thoroughly explored to gain the most benefit from it. Undoubtedly, it is a huge and growing part of the B2B Company’s future. Machine learning helps in managing the endless flow of data for businesses to create real-time predictive models. It also helps to effectively engage with customers and to gain competitive advantage. Boost your business revenue by using Machine Learning that pushes the boundaries of creativity while crafting an interactive user experience.

How to prepare landing pages for lead conversion

How to prepare landing pages for lead conversion

First impression is the best impression. When a consumer lands on a page that is on your website, they expect you to follow through on any promise you made to bring them there. It is the next step towards a visitor becoming a customer but if they don’t like what they see immediately, they wouldn’t want to take a deeper look at your company.

On the off chance that your undertaking does not have a viable greeting page, it can influence everything, from your web-based social networking nearness to the way you draw in clients and change over leads. Landing pages get the most testing conducted on them compared to any other type of web page. There are a few steps you need to take to prepare your landing pages for a higher lead conversion.

  • Conduct A/B Tests
  • Compare two versions of your webpage by showing it to similar visitors at the same time. The one with the better conversion rate is the one that you should go forward with. A decent testing instrument should disclose to you when you’ve assembled enough information to reach a dependable determination. Once concluded, update your site with the desired content variants and remove all elements of the test.

  • Create a headline that is clear, believable and rife with benefits
  • Your headline is the first thing a visitor sees and it needs to clearly communicate your value proposition. What is value proposition? It alludes to a business or advertising proclamation that an organization uses to abridge why a buyer should purchase an item or utilize an administration. This statement convinces a potential consumer that one particular product or service will add more value or better solve a problem than other similar offerings could. So your headline needs to state what the end benefit is that you are offering, mention the product and/or the customer and needs to be an attention grabber.

  • Make your CTA button stand out
  • Color of a CTA button makes little difference on its own as its impact depends on whether it stands out on your page.

    • Your CTA button should have a high contrast from your website (Light background, dark buttons and vice versa)
    • The words on the CTA button needs to have a strong luminance contrast. (Dark button, light words and vice versa)

  • Keep important elements above the fold
  • The age old practice in web design is to keep the most important content above the fold – the part of the page that is visible without the need to scroll. Nowadays, you need to consider the “fold” separately for different kinds of devices. This part of the page is most important as it is the part that creates the visitor’s first impression about your company.

  • Entice visitors to act with a strong CTA
  • Due to a weak call to action that has no sense of urgency; many landing pages are not converting leads into customers. Most marketers mess up when creating a call to action as they focus on their product or service instead of the benefit the reader will get for taking the action. Writing your call to action with engaging copy and by using complementary visuals is the best way to entice users.

  • Use high quality product images
  • When you employ the service of high quality images on your website, you engage your users to click through your pages, thereby decreasing your site’s bounce rate. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who come to your website and leave without viewing any other page. If users are given images to look at, they will remain on a site for a longer period of time and this is SEO verified information. So adding images will enhance your user experience, decrease your bounce rate and convert your visitors into leads and then into the final customer.

  • Adding videos to your landing page
  • If there is a way for people to experience your message through a passive engagement medium with very little personal effort then it will result in them staying on your website longer. Businesses are incorporating videos on their website as a way to deliver content that is informative, entertaining, educational, or as an expert to their customers and fans and this is increasing their lead conversion rates.

  • Ensure your landing pages perform well on mobile devices.
  • In 2019 the number of mobile phone users is forecast to reach 4.68 billion and nearly 60% of these users use these mobile devices, over a desktop, to research your products and services and for connecting with your company. You can no longer afford to ignore your mobile users. Using methods like customizing your website to suit various mobile devices, implementing auto completing forms, making it easier for purchasing, enabling your visitors to switch between devices and constantly testing your changes, you can optimize your website and convert leads at a higher rate.