Content Syndication Services

Valasys offers an array of excellent content syndication services – media, creative, program and vendor management, white paper syndication, campaign tracking, content marketing, lead management – that eliminates the risk, vendor hassles, delays in lead delivery, and ongoing management from content syndication.

  1. Discovery: You tell us how many leads you need, how much you are looking to pay for those leads, and what criteria you need those leads to meet.
  1. Research: With our vast network of media partners, we negotiate a package of content postings and other promotions that give you exactly the number of leads you want, from the types of companies you want to talk to, at the cost you want to pay.
  1. Execution:
    Everything from vendor negotiation, content placement, content-centric demand generation, content assets, abstracts, verifying and validating lead data through qualified leads, and then delivering leads through an involuntary data feed into your CRM or marketing mechanization organization is taken care of.
  1. Management: Even though we guarantee results, we do not just turn the campaign on and walk away. We provide regular reports on media venues, content delivery network and content items.
  1. Automation: We will set up a methodical lead management database that repeatedly scores, succeeds, and nurtures all incoming leads, only advancing them to sales when they are deemed “sales ready”. We also help design custom lead nurturing databases to keep those leads warm up until they merit sales follow-up.

Client Testimonial:

“If you are looking to increase sales and build a healthy, robust pipeline (even in this economy), give Valasys a call – you’ll be glad you did!”

Tim Connelly, was President, Synapse Inc.