Event Promotion Services

There’s nothing lonelier than a poorly-attended sales event. So, if you have sales events on your calendar, start now to identify, invite and entice your guests to get them in the door. If you are hosting an industry seminar, trade show or networking event, you need to get the right people on the guest list and in attendance. This is where VALASYS can help.

Internal email campaigns to drive registrations typically result in an estimated cost of $50 to $100 per registration depending on a number of variables. In addition, email and direct mail have unknown response rates, making your final registration count unpredictable. Valasys can make your next program a success with a guaranteed number of registrants at a reasonable fixed cost.

Here is how we can help you drive attendance for your next sales event:

  1. Get guests in attendance: Whether or not you know who you want to attend your sales event, a good lead generation firm can identify the ideal guest list with promising B2B sales leads. We can help you build a detailed list of qualified guests, and contact them with advance invitations, marketing materials, and personalized phone calls.
  1. Contact vendors and sponsors: A successful sales event is not just a matter of inviting guests – you also might need an expo of vendor exhibits and other sponsors to help share the limelight (and help foot the bill). Our lead generation services can also be used to place phone calls to potential vendors and sponsors to ensure that your sales event has the financial support and “industry buzz” that will help you get noticed.
  1. Valasys telephone based program drives registration for your upcoming event, webinar, or user conference. We can target your installed base, named accounts, prospects or customers – using your list or let us build a custom B2B contact list with optional Contact Discovery. This service provides guaranteed blocks of registrations and also includes:
  • Pricing based on actual registrations – you pay only for results
  • Personal, live invitations by phone
  • Results reported in real time
  • Requests for information fulfilled via email
  • Courtesy event reminder calls
  • Quick turn around – the ramp time to kick off a project is about 2 business days.

Client Testimonial:
“I’ve known them for two years now and have used the services of VALASYS team. VALASYS is one of the most professionally run B2B telemarketing companies that one could ever hope to find. They’re smart and efficient at what they do and results oriented as well. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.”
Amanda Slicer, CEO, AAB Associates, Inc