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“I hired VALASYS at a time when my company needed new clients dearly. End results, I saw high returns on my investment. My recommendation: Any business can use VALASYS to get from point A to Z. Please contact me if you have any questions.”

— Carl Furth, President, Best Resource Inc.

“VALASYS team can devise smart strategies for finding customers and clients. They know the technology industry, which is the space we work in here at the Council. Consult with Valasys if you are looking for a tech savvy professional lead generation firm that can help you and your company.”.

— Mike Schuler, Director of Marketing, UT Technology Council.

“I’ve known them for two years now and have used the services of VALASYS team. VALASYS is one of the most professionally run B2B telemarketing companies that one could ever hope to find. They’re smart and efficient at what they do and results oriented as well. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.” .

— Amanda Slicer, CEO, AAB Associates, Inc.

“VALASYS provide superior, highly targeted lead generation. Through VALASYS’s efforts, my firm has gained new clients, including NYU Langone Hospital and entrée into other large corporate settings that I am certain I would not have been able to get into on my own. In this difficult business climate, their team is able to open doors for me so that I can get in and make sales! I recommend VALASYS services very highly!”

— Karen Spencer, President, Karen Spencer Design.

“If you are in need of any marketing services, VALASYS should be your first choice.”

— Amy Campbell, President, Outdoor Brokers, UK.

“VALASYS team have been a pleasure to work with and their services have yielded strong results. The combination of a consultative approach and flexible service offerings makes VALASYS a valuable partner who augments DISYS’s internal business development capabilities nicely.”

— Arthur Levitt, Director Of Sales, DISYS.

“I have worked with them on many projects spanning over two years. VALASYS’s insight into B2B telemarketing strategy and execution is refreshing. The team took the time to understand the needs of my organization, recommends highly effective programs, and delivers exceptional results.”

— Joseph Jacobson, Director of Marketing, Advent Results.

“Valasys provide professional services in the direct marketing arena. He has helped my agency develop plans for our clients and ourselves with results that lead to new business. I highly recommend them for lead generation and relationship building for new business development.”

— Paul Connellan, VP Marketing, Annalect.

“If you are looking to increase sales and build a healthy, robust pipeline (even in this economy), give Valasys a call – you’ll be glad you did!”

— Tim Connelly, was President, Synapse Inc.