Event Promotion Services

Event Promotion Services

It is a truly sad sight when there is almost no attendance at an event organized by a company. You want to attract lots of people when you put up an event for clients and prospects or if you are appearing at a trade show. It is not enough to just do an online promotion of your event. You need to have a strategy in place that focuses on attracting and inviting target buyers.

All it takes is the right attention to detail and timely execution to make any sales event a success. Using poor marketing strategies can lead to a lot of expenditure without the relevant ROI.

Proving ROI is the biggest challenge facing today’s event marketing team. There is a need to predict how many people will attend your events and what will drive them. Pre-planning an event is almost as important as the event itself. You need to set goals:

  • How many attendees to target?
  • Who to target?
  • How to procure an accurate list?
  • What should be the mix of decision-makers that you need vs the ones who are just surveyors?

Without proper event promotion, you will most probably end up losing a great deal of potential attendees. Before beginning to even look at operational management of your event, during the strategic planning process, your event sales should be given critical importance.

Sales events can have a better reach if the right kind of email marketing is utilized. Email marketing today has changed drastically since its inception. With so many new aspects coming up every day, trends are only growing with time and companies are trying their hands at something new every day.


A good event requires the right recognition and that is exactly where Valasys comes into the picture! We work hard with an elaborate event promotion marketing strategy that in turn works hand in hand with advertising services; we constantly work on new ways and means to make it happen.

When planning an event you will be swamped with tons of work that includes finding vendors, planning activities and securing venues. We at Valasys Business Solutions, assist you by taking the digital marketing stress off your shoulders and carrying out your marketing campaigns in your stead.

Valasys helps your events get ahead of the rest by focusing on a few important aspects.

  • A great guest list

Once you have created a great guest list, everything else will fall into place like a jigsaw puzzle. With the help of our key strategies we will be able to get the right contacts and will even reach out to them to promote your company and the event.

  • Sponsors and event vendors

For a successful event, we understand that just getting the right people isn’t enough. Sponsors, vendors and helpers are required and are equally important to make it happen. These individuals make processes simple and effective and take the burden off the client. With our large database of relevant contacts, we will be able to fix you up with the best and will be able to make sure your event goes smoothly.

The strategic event planning team employed at Valasys applies a unified marketing approach using traditional methods for better results. We believe that a successful sales event – industry events, trade shows, conferences or seminars – can be experienced by any and every B2B company as long as the proven event promotion roadmap is followed.

In order to establish stronger relationships with the people in your industry, you would need to build an effective event sales pipeline. This will result in harboring a relationship of trust between you and your attendees; which has a direct impact on how they view your event and the value that your event offers.